Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MacXword is now Black Ink from Red Sweater Software

It was officially announced today that MacXword, formally an Advenio product, has now been taken under the wing of Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweater Software.

Why the transition? Well it needed a lot of love, and Stephan, who had started working on something new, thought it'd be better to spin it off into someone else's hands, someone with the time to devote to the product. Enter Red Sweater Software.

Daniel agreed to acquire MacXword a while back and has put a lot of new work into it, rewriting large parts and making it into a new application. Going forward, it should see new development and it's definitely in good hands.

People who donated to the "Save MacXword" drive will receive serial numbers for version 1.0 of Black Ink. All other owners of MacXword can upgrade to Black Ink for just $9.95 from the Red Sweater store. Check out Black Ink today!

Full press release: Red Sweater Announces Black Ink 1.0, Premium Crossword Solving Software

Daniel's blog post: Black Ink 1.0
Stephan's blog post: MacXword Becomes Black Ink


Thursday, January 18, 2007

MacGourmet 2: The Best Way to Collect Recipes on Your Mac

So you love to cook and you've been collecting recipes and cooking tips for, what, ages now? They currently exist in text files, web pages, notebooks and scraps of paper. What are you to do to finally bring some organization to all of this?

Enter MacGourmet, the latest version of the leading recipe application for Mac OS X that can bring some order to your culinary life and give you ways to share that information.

MacGourmet makes it easy to organize your recipes, along with any cooking or wine notes you have, in the same way that you organize your music files using iTunes, or your photos using iPhoto, using methods that are already most likely familiar to you. All of this is wrapped in an all-new, clean and simple iApp-like user interface. Smart lists, user lists with sublists, they are all there, as are lists that show you your last imported items, find results and clippings.

Speaking of clippings, they are just one of the ways that make it easy to get your information into MacGourmet. Just select the text of a recipe on any web page, choose the menu item for the Service to create a clipping, and import it using the import assistant. The recipe is imported in seconds, it couldn't be much easier. MacGourmet also imports recipes stored in MasterCook and Meal-Master files, files you can find all over the internet. Even more formats are planned for the future.

It's one thing to have your collection all in one nice, convenient location, but what if you want to share or use them when you are cooking?

Sharing your recipes is easy, with MacGourmet's .Mac support. Publishing your recipe website is as simple as entering your account information, picking one of the many themes that MacGourmet comes with, and saying "Go!" It's that simple. Publishing can even automatically generate MacGourmet files to make sharing your recipes with others from your site a breeze.

How about MacGourmet in the kitchen? Well you can either bring your Mac to the counter, and use the Chef View, with its display optimized for reading from a safe distance, or print out the recipes you need using one of the many easy to use and read printing themes.

Finally, there are lots of other great features in MacGourmet, like blog publishing, browsing all of your information in one place and emailing recipes. The best way, though, to get started and learn about everything MacGourmet has to offer, is to download the demo and put it through its paces. The demo let's you use every single feature, so you can get a feel for how well it works before you buy it. Try it today and get organized!

MacGourmet: Organize. Shop. Cook.

MacGourmet 2 is available as a free upgrade for registered users, and for $24.95 from the online store. Voluntary upgrades with extra content, themes and an exclusive t-shirt are also available for $10 and $15. Finally, anyone who purchases MacGourmet or an upgrade bundle before January 31st will be entered into a drawing for one of 2 iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Editions. MacGourmet 2 is a universal binary and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

MacSanta Now up to 100 Developers

MacSanta now includes great Mac applications from 100 developers. Act now before time runs out, and save 20% off of that software you've been meaning to pick up. I've already added a couple myself, like CSSEdit, something I've been meaning to register for a while now. This is a great time to fill in those "gaps" in your arsenal. You can also find apps from other great companies like Rogue Amoeba, Flying Meat, Bare Bones and many more.

Through December 25th, save 20% off hundreds of great Mac software applications (including MacGourmet and SQLGrinder) at MacSanta.


Monday, December 18, 2006

MacSanta Can Make Your Favorite Mac Fan Happier this Holiday!

MacSanta sounds like a great way to save money on Mac software this holiday season, and I've added MacGourmet (buy now, get version 2 for free when it's released) and SQLGrinder to the list of deals. My thanks to the Rogue Amoeba guys for setting this up for all of us.

Via Rogue Amoeba:
MacSanta is here, bringing great savings on great Mac software. Now through December 25th, you can save 20% on tons of great Mac software, at

The deals end on December 25th, so act quickly - get yourself to now. And be sure to check back, as we'll be adding new companies throughout the week!

Visit MacSanta before it's too late!

[Update: The MacSanta promotion is now up to a list of over 70 developers!]

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