Thursday, April 14, 2005

Software Update: SQLGrinder 1.2.8 Critical Update for "Tiger" released, SQLGrinder 2 Sneak Peak

SQLGrinderSQLGrinder 1.2.8 has been released for download. For users of Mac OS X 10.4, AKA Tiger, which Apple has announced will be shipping on April 29th (and which offers for pre-order with a $35 rebate), this is a required update. It handles a change in OS X that causes the current version of SQLGrinder to exit at application launch.

SQLGrinder 2And in a related vein, I'm also releasing the image of the new icon and a preliminary sneak peak at SQLGrinder 2, which is now entering the home stretch to being feature complete (yes, it is STILL being developed). Because it's task #1 again, great progress is being made to getting it to the first beta stage. More information will be coming later, but the image below shows the new SQL editor, which on the surface, doesn't look that different, but believe me, there's a lot that's new that is not shown; the new schema browser; and the redesigned SQL statement library. I know the image is tiny, but this is just a teaser. Enjoy!

Aqua and Metal options


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