Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only 146K iPhones Sold? Not So Fast...

I may be wrong, but I really think the "overreaction" to the iPhones sales is bogus. Firstly, it's not even 2 full days, it's significantly less than that. Secondly, so many phones were not activated during that period: what about all of the phones Apple sold online? What about all of the phones sold to people who weren't so "gadget crazy" as to wait in line for one? These numbers released by AT&T are really only the number of early adopters that were successfully able to activate using AT&T's woefully inadequate system in the first 32 hours. Actually even less than 32 hours in some cases, because phones only went on sale at 6PM. That doesn't take into account the time to actually purchase (in my case an hour), travel time, differences in time zones, etc.

It took me over 3 days to get my phone activated, and during that time, all indications were that the volume of activations was still at 110%. At any rate, we'll find out the real story tonight during Apple's earnings call.


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