Thursday, June 05, 2008

Announcing: The MacGourmet Plug-in SDK

On Software DesignCoinciding with the now sold out WWDC (which I'll be attending) and after some time promising an SDK for MacGourmet, I can now finally announce that the MacGourmet Plug-in SDK is now ready for public consumption.

MacGourmet Plug-insWhat is the MacGourmet Plug-in SDK? It is the same framework that I use to create file importers and exporters. It's what I use to create web site importers. And it's what I used to add the Nutrition, Mealplan and Cookbook plug-ins to the product. As you can see, the SDK gives you quite a lot of power.

The SDK includes the MacGourmetPlugin framework, with documented headers, for inclusion into your own projects. MacGourmet Plug-insIt also includes working and commented samples that demonstrate pretty much all aspects of the framework, from exporting and importing items, to handling drag and drop from MacGourmet, printing, and more.

The SDK and framework are written in Objective-C and the examples are XCode projects (pretty much what you'd expect these days). If you are interested in developing a plug-in for MacGourmet, please send a request to macgourmet [at], and if possible include a brief description of what you'd like to do with it (just so I can track things).


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