Friday, July 17, 2009

Brent Simmons: Donít offer $50 for your favorite feature

I've never gotten the cash for feature offer, but I couldn't agree with Brent more...
But hereís the important thing: the developer youíre talking to has one thing in mind: to make great software that delights people.

With that in mind, the developer may or may not want to do that feature. The $50 is nothing. If itís the right feature and the right time to do it, the developer will do it. If itís not, then it wonít get done.

So many things go into how and why we add every new feature, the least of which is any kind of cash compensation. The wants and needs of users and heck, how much actual fun we'll have adding a new feature, are all much, much higher on the list than any cash offer would be.

Donít offer $50 for your favorite feature


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