Saturday, July 17, 2004

MacGourmet hits beta 4, feature set is frozen

MacGourmetThere comes a time when you have to stop adding features, even though you want to, fix all remaining bugs, and push your software out the door. Beta 4 is this first step. Way more new features have been added to beta 3 and beta 4 than were originally intended, but users made a lot of good suggestions, and a lot of great feedback came from the time MacGourmet was in the Apple UI lab at WWDC, so the changes made for 1.0 are all great improvements.

So, no more new features, even little ones. As a developer it's hard not to keep adding "just one more feature" but if you do that, you keep destabalizing what's been tested and you have to test again. So, that's it. Finito. Please keep sending suggestions, comments, etc. though because they are all collected, evaluated and logged for future versions. I already have a pretty good idea about what the first few major post-1.0 releases will include, and feedback helps prioritze things.


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