Friday, April 15, 2005

Apple posts extensive list of new Mac OS X Tiger features

Wondering what's new in Mac OS X 10.4? Here's a pretty extensive list of some of the "smaller" changes outside of major ones like Spotlight and Dashboard:

200+ New Features. The smarter we make it the easier it gets.

Some of my favorites:

Preview: RAW Camera Image Support
Open images in the RAW file format used by Canon, Nikon and other models using the Apple Preview application.

Finder: Smart Folders
Take the results of a Spotlight search and save it as a Smart Folder that automatically updates as you add or remove documents from your Mac.

Safari RSS: Archive a Web Page
Save the HTML and images for the current web page on your hard drive with just a few clicks.

Safari RSS: Inline PDF Viewing
View PDF documents directly in a Safari browser window no other application required.

.Mac Keychain Sync
Keep your keychain fully in sync across your different Macs using your .Mac account.

iCal Invitations in Mail
Review and accept event invitations from iCal much more easily in an interactive Mail message.

Xcode 2
Experience the second major release of Apples groundbreaking developer tools, which bring together ease of use, UNIX power and high-performance development technologies.

Mac OS X 10.4 is available from for only $94.99 after their $35 mail-in rebate


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