Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Earth to Enderle...

Seems our buddy Rob Enderle is at it again. This made me laugh out loud:
It is interesting to note, that few seem to remember that Microsoft wrote the first MacOS under contract to Apple nearly two decades ago but, like most Apple partnerships, this one also ended badly.

This deserves the puzzled monkey.

What planet is this guy on? What color is the sky in his world? Microsoft wrote some of the first applications for the Mac. It was these Mac applications, Word and Excel, that arguably helped bankroll Microsoft to bigger things. Unless Enderle has some super secret documents that prove otherwise, the Macintosh OS was written by... uh... Apple.

Sadly he does get this bit right: "It is to be noted, that Microsoft wins regardless" So true. Their monopoly gives them the resources to outspend and outlast anyone.

"Microsoft wrote the first MacOS." I want some of that HE'S smokin'.

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