Monday, August 07, 2006

WWDC Keynote - What They DIDN'T Talk About

Some of the things I noticed they didn't mention at all, or glossed over...

  • iCal - They vaguely mentioned some new functionality with system to dos, etc. but didn't show us anything.

  • Spotlight - They gave us a list, but we didn't see anything of it, how it will work, how it's changed, etc.

  • Frontrow - Sure it will come with all Macs, but what changes will there be for Leopard?

  • What were are "other" new features in Mail?

  • What changes will there be for Safari, beyond the addition of the features that were mentioned?

  • What about Address Book? Font Book? These are major apps that could be overhauled... no mention.

  • What, oh whatever will happen to the Finder? I'd put money on the chance that the Finder we saw in the demos was not the Finder we'll see after the first of the year.

  • Will Macworld 2007 be the big "coming out" for Leopard?

  • Like I said in my predictions, I'm sure there are things coming we haven't even really thought of yet...

Some things to think about.


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