Monday, May 14, 2007

Yellow Camp Releases Anzan: Amazingly Simple File Transfer

Today Stephan, formerly the other half of Advenio, released his first new product under the Yellow Camp banner: Anzan. Anzan is a simple, easy-to-use file transfer app that speeds frequent file transfers between your Macs, or groups of Macs that you might find in an office. It's easier to use than email, because there aren't nearly as many steps, and it's easier to use than mounting disks for everyone you want to transfer to because the people you want to send to are right there in your list of Anzan "buddies" the same way they are there in, say, iChat. Buy before May 21st and you can save 20% too, details are in the full press release.

From the press release:
Anzan makes the transfer of a file to a co-worker or family member as simple as dropping a file onto the recipientís name. With Anzan you can think in terms of who you wish to send a file to instead of how to send it. No more struggling to remember computer names and accounts or mounting and unmounting remote file systems; just drag, drop, and off your file goes! Need to send the same files to multiple people, or include a short message with the files you send? Anzan lets you do both with ease. And receiving files is just as simple. For example, if you find yourself receiving files from certain individuals frequently you can tell Anzan to automatically accept transfers from those people. Whatís more, Anzan provides a history of your transfers, both sent and received, and can quickly reveal these files in Finder.

Congratulations on the new product release Stephan!

For the full details: Anzan 1.0 PR Release


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