Monday, January 26, 2004

GarageBand rules...

Apple's done it again. I finally had some time to play with GarageBand and I must say, it's an amazing piece of work. In no time I was able to put together a catchy pop song with piano, acoustic guitar and drums that wasn't half bad. For a long time music hound such as myself, who knows FAR too much about music, from a listener's perspective, without ever having taken the time to learn to play an instrument, it's a lot of fun.

SQLGrinder version 2 status

Current users of SQLGrinder are probably wondering about the status of version 2. I've been mentioning it to some users on and off as it IS currently in development. I had hoped to have it finished before now but it was put on the back burner temporarily by another application we are working on. Fear not, it WILL get finished and released, just not in the time frame I had originally intended. The fact that it is a from-the-ground-up rewrite isn't helping it get out the door any sooner, but it DOES perform much better than the current version, and the work being done on the new application will actually help the SQLGrinder project alot because of code reuse. I hope to have preview screenshots posted to the site before too long, so stay tuned...

Why the delay? Well it made more sense to spend time adding an additional application to the stable. This should eventually help fund future SQLGrinder development by adding to the overall pool.

How can you, the reader, make a difference, and possibly make things happen sooner rather than later? Well if you've been thinking of buying SQLGrinder, please do so. For the next 30 days or so, until March 5th, we're making purchasing cheaper than ever by offering a 20% discount on each purchase of SQLGrinder. That's only $39.96. Just use the code MAKEOVER4SQLG when checking out at the online store for your instant savings.

While some people enjoy developing Mac software in their free time or as a hobby, sometimes giving away the results, we're actually trying to make a living at it, so every bit helps get us there.

Greetings from Advenio Land...

If you found this blog than you've probably seen the new site. We decided it was finally time for a refresh, and this redesign includes blogs and a new support discussion board for our products. If you have any questions, want to give feedback, etc., then the boards are the place to go. Why use the boards rather than email? Well, in this day and age of spammers tarnishing the whole internet experience, it's one way to communicate with us reliably. It's unfortunate that almost the minute an email address is posted on a web page, it gets farmed by at least one spammer and spread to others, eventually making it tough to filter out the good email from the bad. Hopefully the boards will make communication easier, in addition to allowing others to see questions and comments already posted that might answer something they were wondering as well.

You can feel safe signing up for the boards and posting as we are committed to NEVER sharing our user information with anyone. It lives with us and it dies with us. Your privacy concerns are our own.