Tuesday, March 16, 2004

4D now has JDBC support

4D Inc. Years ago I got my start doing database development using 4D. We built our user interfaces using it and connected them to Sybase databases running on Solaris. Now it looks like you can talk directly to your 4D servers using JDBC.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

FileMaker goes relational

FileMaker 7After many, many years as a flat-file database system. FileMaker finally enters the 80's and goes relational. What took them SO long? Hopefully they also improved their JDBC driver, which in the past has been kind of unusable for anything but the simplest things. I hope to take a closer look at it in the near future, time permitting, and validate SQLGrinder against it. Note to Apple: This would be a GREAT time to bundle a limited version of the FileMaker database with OS X a la Microsoft Access.

Some of the new features:

"Among its many advances, FileMaker Pro 7 delivers these new features to appeal to everyone:
Import, store and export more types of files including pictures, movies, music, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and more. Easily create a digital library of documents, music and pictures, store proposals within client records, or link schedule files directly to a student.

Get faster access to information by opening multiple windows in the same database at the same time. For example, you can access a customerís record in one window and open another to view information for a different customer at the same time.

Dramatically increase database capacity with an expanded database size (8 terabytes) that is 4,000 times the old limit. Store virtually unlimited amounts of any type of information, including movies, pictures, and more.

Produce easier to read, more informative reports with calculation-based formatting, new background options, and new portal options.

Ensure more accurate data entry and safer updates with the option to confirm record and layout changes before they are saved.

Learn new database techniques from 30 ready-to-use, customizable Starter Solutions that provide a great resource for new ideas.

Extend richer solutions to the web so remote users can access your database through their web browser in a more intuitive interface.

In addition, FileMaker Pro 7 delivers power and productivity for developers and advanced users:
Manage databases faster and easier with the new relational model that allows for the consolidation of multiple tables into one file so they no longer have to be stored in multiple locationsóeven share scripts and security settings for an entire solution.

More easily create and modify links between data through the new Relationships Graph for a birdís eye view of all the relationships within a given file.

Develop and enhance more powerful databases with new developer features, functions, and calculations with a choice of over 100 new and enhanced developer features.

Data protection using the new, advanced security system by securing your database with accounts names and passwords and assigning custom privileges to each user or group of users."

Monday, March 01, 2004

Going to WWDC...

WWDCIt's been a while since I've been to WWDC. We're all registered and ready to go. The last time I was there, the conference was in San Jose, Gil Amelio was CEO and I was there to promote Natural Intelligence's Roaster. Been a loooong time. This year, Advenio will be represented by both Stephan and I. We hope to bring back lots of great information and to meet lots of fellow developers. Stay tuned for reports and photos from the road later this year.