Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Software Update: MacGourmet 1.0.4 is now available

MacGourmetA new version of MacGourmet for OS X is now available. This free update fixes a bunch of small issues, and makes a change in the generation of files for .Mac publishing. Before, each time the files were generated, they were created with different "random" but unique names. This meant that if you published links somewhere, and republished your recipes and notes, the links would be different. That no longer happens. Now, the unique names used for the recipe and note files will always be the same.

This new version also fixes a problem importing recipe preparation times from partner web site

This is an interim maintenance update. Work is still continuing on the 1.1 update, which among other things, will primarily include more printing options. The changes in this release had been on the "fixed" list for a while, so I decided to push them out sooner rather than later, as they were all small changes.

The new version of MacGourmet is available here.

Thursday, January 20, 2005 partners with" is devoted to building the largest and most accurate collection of Cajun recipes handed down from one Cajun cook to another."

The recipe site now offers integrated support for MacGourmet! Browse to any one of their many, many great recipes and drag and drop ones you like right into MacGourmet, the same way you can import recipes into MacGourmet from You'll now find the MacGourmet recipe file link at the top right of every recipe on their site. So if you like great Cajun recipes, head on over there and browse around. Saving the recipes you like is easy!

Visit today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Macworld SF Recap

Apple's Mac miniIn case you've been living under a rock the past few days, and haven't heard about what was unveiled at Macworld yesterday, Apple debuted a new "computer for the masses," the Mac Mini. ''We want to bring even more people into the digital revolution," Jobs said. For years, people have been clamoring for that elusive $500 Mac. The failed Cube only made the demand greater. "Give us a Cube we can afford!" the people screamed. And now we have one. The new Mac mini (note the lowercase 'mini' just like the iPod) is positioned to be the ultimate switcher Mac. People who have already paid $300 - $400 for a way cool iPod will have a MUCH easier time buying a new Mac, a computer with none of the spyware or virus headaches of their Windows PCs, a computer that is as cool, or cooler than the iPod they love, when the WHOLE computer is only one or two hundred dollars more than what they paid for their iPod. I love it. I'm hoping this will boost the number of Mac users, and the number of potential users for our products.

Dvorak, Thurrott and the like can go on and on about how the Mac share is shrinking, but I'm telling you, from an anecdotal standpoint, the Mac market, even without the mini, was poised for a jump in market share. People are switching. People are fed up with having to be system admins at home just to read their email and browse the web. I personally know a lot of people, people who are PC users and have never owned a Mac, that are already switching. They are fed up, and the Mac is just too GOOD. Now, with the mini, I know even MORE people who are ready to take the Mac plunge. It's happening people. Ignore the Mac naysayers, they don't know nearly as much as they think they do. I even want one, just because it's COOL! You have to figure that there are more than a few current Mac users who will buy these as a second machine as well.

Apple's iPod shuffleIn addition, Apple released the iPod shuffle. At first blush, well you might think, "why would anyone want an MP3 player without a display?" If you look at it the way I did, you can see why: "I own an iPod (actually 2, a first gen and a 3rd gen) and really, my iPod is too big and too expensive for me to want to take it to the gym, or for a walk, etc. I have an old Rio, tiny thing with tiny storage which uses an AA battery, that I sometimes used, but it just wasn't an iPod, didn't have AAC support and took BATTERIES, rather than being rechargeable. For me, the shuffle is the perfect companion to my iPod. It's the iPod for when I don't NEED 20 GB of music. And only $99 to start? Brilliant.

Finally, proving yet another rumor to be true, Apple unveiled iWork. The new Pages application looks great. I'm hoping that it's SO good that it helps improve our documentation here. We essentially fight with the current available applications to try and do what we want. This new application looks like it may make things easier.

Things are certainly looking brighter in the Mac universe after yesterday aren't they?

Monday, January 10, 2005

"Missed Macworld" discounts on all Advenio products

We're pleased to announce "Missed Macworld" discounts on all of our products. While we would love to be at Macworld this year it just wasn't possible, but we are there is spirit and so we want to provide discounts on all our products.

Save $5.00 off the price of MacGourmet, our popular recipe management application (coupon ID MACWORLDSF05MG). MacXword, the original Across Lite crossword client for Mac OS X, is also available for $5.00 less than the regular price (coupon ID MACWORLDSF05MX). And finally you can save $10.00 when you purchase SQLGrinder, our database development environment (coupon ID MACWORLDSF05SG).

Join us in celebrating another year of great Mac products and of wishing we were at Macworld by saving money on our popular software titles. Simply place your order at our online store and provide the coupon ID to receive the discount. (Only one order per coupon per email will be honored. Coupons valid for the week of Macworld Expo through 1/14/2005)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Software Update: MacGourmet 1.0.3 is now available

MacGourmetA new version of MacGourmet for OS X is now available. This free update fixes a couple of problems in version 1.0.2 including one where the Register button wouldn't enable correctly for a valid serial number, and another infrequent problem that could result in the wrong item getting renamed in your "My Lists" table, including items that aren't editable.

This is an interim maintenance update. Work is still continuing on the 1.1 update, which among other things, will primarily include more printing options.

The new version of MacGourmet is available here.